Green coco foods

Organic Coconut Oil & Flour

We are located in Ben Tre, the Coconut Capital of Vietnam

Here you will find hundreds of thousands soccer fields filled with green coconut trees. (check out our galleries). The coconut tree has a special place in the heart of the local people. Coconut is culture, coconut is pride, coconut is economic development, coconut is life.


Our Products

We are the industry innovators and produce the most reliable organic coconut oil and flour you are looking for. We put quality first, simple!

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Our products are certified according to USDA NOP & EU Organic, period!

Organic Coconut Flour

Thanks to our unique sourcing strategy, our coconut flour meets Biotrade programs.

Other Coconut Byproducts or Non-organic on Demand

We offer our byproducts and deliver as a way to improve our bottom line. In return, this allows us to reinvest into our community in the form of scholarships and other activities. 

The place where you’ll get the highest quality organic coconut solutions for your food related industry needs.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

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At Green Coco Foods, we use in-house laboratory and third-party laboratories of international standard to ensure our products meet your needs.

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At Green Coco Foods, we have modern bulk packaging solutions including heating pads, to ensure we ship in a cost-efficient way to wherever you need. 

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At Green Coco foods, we are flexible because we care about your success. We offer private labelling opportunities in smaller packages to and for our key buyers. 

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