14-shoot Coconut in Ca Mau, Vietnam, 8000$ worth

14-shoot Coconut in Ca Mau, Vietnam, 8000$ worth

Unique Ca Mau: extremely unique 14-shoot coconut, asked for 180 million VND (8000$)

A person in Ca Mau owns 14-shoot coconut, growing well. There have been many people asked to buy, some people pay 180 million, but the owner of the coconut tree has not yet agreed to sell.

Mr. Le Phuoc Thai (30 years old, living in Tan Xuyen Ward, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau) owns 14 coconut buds, many people asked to buy for 180 million, but he did not agree to sell.

Mr. Thai said: “About 3 months ago I went to my relatives in Kien Giang province. After that, I heard that there is a 12-shoot coconut in the nearby gardens, so I came to ask about buying and planting more than this month. When brought back to grow, I found out there are 2 more shoots growing, a total of 14 shoots, growing well.

The 14-shoot coconut trees were bought by Mr. Thai from Kien Giang about 1 month now.

Also according to Mr. Thai, after buying, he hired workers to bring coconut trees back and it took up to 15 days to finish. After planting, many traders asked to buy. Someone paid for 180 million VND but he did not “nod” to sell.

Every day he watered 2 times, coconut trees take root very well. 14 sprouts coconut tree is growing well and flowering.

As observed by the reporter, coconut trees are planted in a large garden, grow well and are showing signs of sprouting. Coconut height of about 7m is calculated from the root to the top. In particular, the coconut body upright from the base to more than half the body is divided into 2 branches. One of the main branches is straight, the other is inclined with 13 large and small buds. Coconut trees are flowering and preparing for fruit.

(According to Dan Viet)

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