About Us

We are a Dutch-Vietnamese company who are dedicated to all coconut derivatives. Since a couple of years, our people have been working towards a knowledgeable and reliable coconut-processing factory that officially started producing by the last quarter of 2017. Our first focus was high-quality yarn production from the coconut fiber, which we try to improve over and over. We as Green Coconut Company are really into the expansion of our product range. We purchase our nuts carefully in our area by going for the best quality only. In this way, we can ensure that our products are of high quality processed coconut components.

Our factory is placed in the coconut area of Vietnam: The Ben Tre province. This is the area where 70,000ha of coconut trees are generating over 500 million nuts yearly. Within the Ben Tre province, the Mekong Delta is a leading factor. Our place along the river makes the factory easily accessible by boat in the first place, but also via car or truck the factory is easy to reach. Therefore, we have an attractive position for both supplier and customer.