An Giang: An disabled man gets rich from … coconut shells

An Giang: An disabled man gets rich from … coconut shells

– By the dedication, meticulous and extraordinary efforts of himself, Mr. Duong Quy Nghia (My Long Ward, Long Xuyen City) has made coconut shells that seem to be discarded into beautiful handmade products. eyes and craftsmanship.

The youngest of many siblings, unfortunately, suffered from polio from a young age as his legs and arms twitched, but that did not cause Mr. Nghia to surrender, sad to fate. With extraordinary energy, Mr. Nghia has completed high school and wants to learn a certain job so he can support his family. Knowing that the locality has opened a vocational training class to make handicraft products from coconut shells, so Mr. Nghia enrolled. After completing the course, feeling that he is not suitable for this job, Mr. Nghia continues to go to vocational training centers for people with disabilities in Ho Chi Minh to find a career that suits him better.

Anh Nghia and products made from coconut shells

After a long time still unable to find a suitable job, Mr. Nghia had to return home and return to his old job … At first, he was alone, so Mr. Nghia only made simple coconut shell paintings. In 2014, he and a few friends opened a handicraft facility from coconut shells at home to date. Mr. Nguyen Huu Thong (who worked with Mr. Nghia) said: “Previously, I also did many different things, when I saw that Mr. Nghia made beautiful and eye-catching coconut shell products, so I came to learn. After 6 months was basically proficient. Now, I work with Mr. Nghia, besides having income, he can satisfy his passion ”.

According to Mr. Nghia, to produce handicraft products with perfect coconut shells must go through many complex stages. Simple products also take more than 1 day, wall murals with many small details can take up to 10 days to complete. “The difficulty is from a coconut shell, people have to look and shape every detail in accordance with what and what animals before doing. Want to shape a bird, a butterfly, a petal must understand its appearance. Each type of product has its own mark, like many things, not rigid. Therefore, the craftsman must be meticulous, persistent, passionate and constantly creative “- Mr. Nghia said.

Coconut shell is used to make handicraft products, the thicker and harder the dried coconut shell is. Desiccated coconut shells after buying must be treated cleanly, can be used to manipulate into fine art products. Next, we sort coconut shells by size and color. Want to make a product or a certain part on the coconut shell requires the worker to design and draw textures on paper first. Then, choose a drawing pattern to paste on the coconut shell accordingly and then saw the embryo to take over the product design. The sawing process also has many small steps such as sawing, parasols to create many small details. Next is sanding and polishing the details. Then, mount and assemble the parts together with glue to shape the product. Lastly, it is a protective coating with PU paint to give products longer shelf life. From simple products at first,

Mr. Nghia shared: “In addition to ready-made pictures, customers can request sizes to suggest landscapes and ideas. Some products of paintings, watches I also attach led lights, flashing lights at the request of customers … Depending on the size, style, quantity of details, the price of each picture from a few hundred thousand to several million ”. For sustainable and long-term development, in the near future, Mr. Nghia and his colleagues will continue to study and improve designs and designs, combined with other materials such as wood and bamboo to enhance them. Fine art, the harmony between performance and durability of the product is increasingly beautiful and better.

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