Coco Peat Block / Coir Pith Block

Coco Peat Block / Coir Pith Block

– 100% clean coco peat which is used for vegetable nurseries as well as for leaves-consumed green vegetables. Coco peat is a final raw material that is released from the husks of coconuts during the GCC production process. This product is released during the sieving of the fibres.

– Size per block: Diameter: 13 cm. Height: 4.5 cm.

– Weight per block: 450 grams to be mixed into 3 litres of water. Its expansion is from 5 litre (5 dm 3) to 6 litre (6 dm 3) per one bale.

– Used as: Growing-medium for vegetable nurseries, leaves-consumed vegetables or plant nursery. Coco peat does not leave a bad smell, has zero environmental pollution and can be used either alone, or with another sub-growing nutrient media.


– First of all, the coco peat is put in a container, pot, or growing bag. After this, 3 litres of water are poured over it. When this is done, one has to wait 10 minutes. The coco peat will expand to 6 litres. (6 dm 3)

– We put the seeds into it for growing and seeds are grown by minerals inside cocopeats around 15 days from the day we pour water into it. After this period, we had better fertilize more minerals to make plants grow more successfully.

– When to use: Coco peat blocks can be used within 13 months after the day of packing. Its expansion will decrease when they are kept for a longer time.



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