Coconut Fibre Pot

Coconut Fibre Pot

Here you can find various sized pots which are manufactured with coir fibre and moulded with an organic rubber compound. Pots will maintain their original shape for up to six months, while the plants are growing. Afterwards, the plants can be planted in the ground with the pot. The pot will decompose over time.

A Coconut Fibre Pot is from coconut fibre products. As good crop products and environmental protection.

This product can be purchased in bulk, based on the wishes of the customer.

– Made from 100% natural fibre and natural latex

– Colour: Coco Liners in natural golden colour

– Moisture: + / – 15%

– Clarity: + / – 5%

– Shape: Circle, cube

– Pot Size: According to customer requirements

– Packing: Overlap, belt with plastic / carton

– Waterproof dimension (w x l x h): 160 x 160 x 225 cm

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