Coconut Shell Bowl

Coconut Shell Bowl

COCONUT SHELL BOWL are household utensils made of 100% natural from coconut shells (hard shell of coconut).

The coconut shells can withstand both hot and cold foods, contain a variety of foods such as noodles, soups, fruits, dried nuts, smoothies, snacks, etc. and you can also store spices like onions, garlic, chili, beans,…

You will have complete peace of mind because the Coconut Shell Bowl is easy to clean with soap and faucet like any other dishes you have ever used. After use, simply rinse dry and store in the kitchen cupboard.

The most special thing that makes coconut shells safe for your health and family is that coconut shells do not use paint to polish the surface, but just wipe off a layer of coconut shell on the surface to get a glossy dark brown color. Beautiful but still ensure health and safety when eating and drinking

The main ingredient is coconut shell, so this is a biodegradable material that is the best choice for you and your family to help protect our living environment.

Compared to other plates made of clay, porcelain, glass or plastic, coconut shells are very safe for health. Because when falling will not form dangerous sharp pieces.

Women who love to cook and decorate dishes can use the Coconut Shell Bowl together with other kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons, wooden forks, wooden chopsticks, coconut shell forks, coconut shell bowls, etc. create a special, attractive and cozy meal for the family. Did you know that restaurants and resorts are now using the coconut shell as a highlight for domestic and foreign tourists?

Coconut shells are made from natural coconut shells so the colors of the coconut shells are not the same. Especially, the shape of each coconut shell is not the same. preserving the natural beauty of the coconut shell rustic.

To create a coconut shell bowl, the worker must sharpen, cut through a lot of stages. Requires meticulous craftsmanship in each stage. Firstly, the coconut shell is cut into shape, then sanded up to 8 times until it has achieved a beautiful, black shine, the next worker will sharpen and shape again to make a beautiful round coconut shell as beautiful as possible. 

Origin: Ben Tre, Vietnam

Material: coconut shell

Size: Height 6cm; 13-15cm diameter


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