Peat Pellet, Seed Starting

Peat Pellet, Seed Starting

The coco peat bales that are used in nurseries consist of 100% coco peat and are made by means of a pressing machine. The moment the product comes into contact with water, it will expand.

coco husk -> husk crushing -> sieving -> treatment -> put into non-woven cloth -> pressing into small bales -> finished-product.


– Size of small bale before expansion: length 36 mm x height 17 mm.

– Size of small bale after expansion: length 65 mm x height 70 mm.

– Colour: Whitish grey

– Storage: Can be stored for 12 months before use, make sure that it does not get in contact with water.

– Attention: Expansion can occur by itself if the small bales are kept in storage for too long before use.


– The small bales can be used for all kinds of different seeds, also for seeds that are imported from other countries. (except size of seed is bigger than that of small bale)

– The small bale is placed in the nursery pot and then water is added to it. After 3 minutes the small bale will expand for approximately 5 cm.

– The seeds are put in the nursery pot and then put in the sunlight.

– When the stem of vegetables is 10 to 15 cm, it must be moved outside (if not already done) and placed on growing ground or an hydroponic growing area.

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