In the last year of operation, after the adjustment of production, the company exported more than 300 tons of finished products and create jobs for more than 60 direct employees with 30 indirect workers for the locality. direction. In addition, the company is also a bridge for other Dutch businesses to learn and participate in investment projects and develop new products, especially products from the coconut industry for the market. Europe, especially the Dutch market.

In addition, during the last operation, the company also accompanied local authorities at all levels to create jobs and at the same time support poor students, especially poor children, who have difficulties to take care of. Let’s go to school. After the recent operation, the company also assessed the potential as well as advantages of Binh Dai district in Ben Tre. And about a few months ago, the company determined that it would expand the project and consider it as phase 2. The company will soon expand, adding a factory with an area of ​3000m2, as a premise to diversify coconut related products, including coconut oil and food-related products.

The company also cooperates with domestic and foreign research units to research and develop new products made from coconut materials, including alternative products for the industry. Plastic industry, these are also very ambitious and long-term projects. In addition, the purpose of the expansion is to create a closed value chain for coconut products to minimize intermediaries and create high value-added products. It is expected that the total investment capital in phase 2 will be implemented in 2 years and the total estimated investment capital is about USD 6 million. In parallel with the project and plant expansion, the company has also started a joint project to develop material areas to serve the operation of the factory in the future.

The company also had initial cooperation steps with units such as the Agriculture Department, Agricultural Extension Center and local authorities. It is expected that the company needs about 60,000 coconuts a day and the goal is to target organic farming and help support farmers to be aware of the price chain in the coconut industry and increase their income. People by diversifying their income sources are not only about coconuts but also other sources of income from the farmers’ gardens. In this program, there is also the cooperation of Dutch research units and also some experts with research experience in the agricultural sector in Vietnam.

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