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Deliciously With Coconut!

We know, you’re probably wondering whether we sell these delicious muffins and chocolates. The truth is, we don’t. We go deeper than that, we have the healthy coconut flour and coconut oil to help you make delicious muffins, chocolate bars, and more!

                                Live Healthy, Live Deliciously!

We are nuts about coconuts. Sometimes, you might catch us calling it “the tree of life”. To many, the coconut tree is also a symbol of good health and relaxation. Join us on this journey. From coconuts to flour and oil for your food needs.

Yours truly, Green Coco Foods.

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From Cold-Pressed Processing

Food Grade Coconut Products!

Organic and Non-Organic Coconut Oil

The difference between organic and non-organic is significant. It all starts at the way the coconut trees are farmed. This is a more meticulous way of farming, following strict organic regulations. You may not see the difference, but it’s there. We know it, and we care!

Organic and Non-Organic Coconut Flour

During production and processing, we have strict separation of organic nuts from non-organic nuts to stay compliant. As a company we choose to produce both because we want to help our community while we engage in activities to help more farmers to lean towards organic.


Need Help With Your Coconut Oil And Flour Supply?